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“I Hate Perfume”

Posted on: July 29, 2009

Someone told me recently that they don’t like perfume. When people say that they don’t like cologne or perfume, I think they just haven’t found one they like (or bothered to). Perfume is in so many things that we take for granted on a daily basis: deodorant, sunscreen, lotion, hair product, soap, shampoo, detergent, and on and on. If you enjoy the smell of dryer sheets, than there is a perfume that you like. It’s just in the dryer sheet rather than a personal fragrance.

There’s no such thing as a good perfume. It’s like music or food, you either like it or you don’t, and there must be something out there that attracts you, and there could be a perfume that smells like that or it can at at least be made. So if this is you, I challenge you to keep looking, with an open mind, and I’m sure you with discover there are personal fragrances out there that you enjoy.


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Not everyone is going to like the scent you wear. True. Some will rave, some will be complacent, and some will be down-right offended by the scent you wear. They will also have the same reactions to your haircut, your clothing, your shoes, your make-up and so it goes. You can’t please everybody.

What one should remember when you are about to put on your perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, body spray, or whatnot is that you need to be aware that it’s not just you that will smell it. The scent you wear is as much about pleasing yourself as it is about completing the ‘you’ you are putting out there, on display. It is a means of advertising yourself. You want to be pleasing and attractive to those about you. You shouldn’t, unless you are self-centered or are completely oblivious to those around reek of fragrance.

Reek; yes reek is the optimal word. For as much as I might enjoy the smell of Chanel #5 on my Aunt or like the smell of Egyptian Musk on my lover, if I can smell you feet, nay, yards away then rest assured you are not pleasing me or those around you. You are an Olfactory Offense.

If I can actually taste the cologne or perfume (etc) that you are wearing in the air as you pass me, or in extreme examples you are at one end of a subway car and I am at the other, then yes Sir or Madame you are an Olfactory Offense.

And in the case of close quarters; in subway cars, buses, cars, in rooms or lobbies of buildings, or in extremes, outside and you are the cause of multiple people coughing, or gagging then you are an Olfactory Offense. You are the reason why many Churches, Associations, Office Spaces, Educational Facilities, Hhospitals etc are becoming “fragrance free zones”

Here are a few no miss hints to help you impress with scents…

The first thing to take into consideration is to apply your perfumes before you put on any clothing or jewelry.

There are a few main areas on your body where you can apply your perfume: wrists, base of the throat, the bend of elbows, and between the breasts (cleavage).

Never apply perfume behind the ears. It can blend with skin secretions and create a bad smell.

Also, try not to wipe or rub together your wrists after applying the perfume since this can cause it to break down and alter the scent.

Since body heat rises you can also apply perfume behind your knees. This is great for a lasting impression.

Do not spritz perfume on your hair unless it is washed. Otherwise the natural oils of your hair may cause changes in the scent.

People with oily skin tend to have stronger fragrance as compared to those with dry skin. Fragrances last longer on oily skin, therefore, applying less perfume than normal is highly recommended for those with oilier skin.

Spray perfume in the air like a cloud and walk through it. Or, you can spray perfume on a cotton ball and dab it in any area in your body where you want people to notice the scent. Just remember to dab, not rub.

Most importantly, when in public, people should not be able to smell your perfume from farther than an arm’s length away from your body. Sometimes this is referred to as the perfume bubble.

Remember, as with so many other things in life less is more.

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