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Does Patrick Dempsey Know His Own Fragrance?

Posted on: July 6, 2009

Patrick Dempsey was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today and Ellen put him to the test. Ellen had four guests each sprayed with different colognes and had Patrick try to figure out which of them was wearing his fragrance, Unscripted. Patrick went through one by one, smelling each woman’s neck, and even sniffing coffee beans in between each to “cleanse the pallette” (which really does work). He very quickly picked the correct woman after a quick double-check. That’s pretty fortunate for him, it would be pretty embarrassing if he couldn’t identify a fragrance with his name on it. Celebrity fragrances are everywhere these days,  and the degree to which the celebrity is involved in the creation of the scent can vary quite a bit. Sarah Jessica Parker, for example, has had the assistance of professional perfumers while creating her hit perfumes Lovely, and Covet. However, she was completely involved in every step of the process, as discussed in Chandler Burr’s book The Perfect Scent.

Unscripted is available as an eau de toilette from Avon, who describes it as a “fresh infusion of spices, surrounded by warm, sensual hints of vetiver and musk.”

To see a video of Patrick Dempsey on the Ellen DeGeneres Show click here.


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