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John Varvatos Artisan

Posted on: February 12, 2009


The hand-woven rattan bottle for Artisan

The hand-woven rattan bottle for Artisan

John Varvatos has a new men’s fragrance out that caught my attention, Artisan. First it was the unusual bottle design that piqued my interest. The bottle is housed in a hand-woven rattan! It’s quite avante garde, but is certainly appropriate for the name and even the scent. Which leads me to the next thing that I found appealing with Artisan:


“John Varvatos Artisan embodies the lost art of craftsmanship while excluding a modern edge. An invigorating citrus explosion is woven with modern woody notes to reveal an authentically crafted fragrance.”

I guess it’s the citrus + woody notes that interests me. It’s such a great combination, very modern yet familiar. It’s just the kind of thing the fragrance world needs in order to evolve, something old and a little something new. The specifics of the notes are very interesting as well:

Top notes: Sicilian Clementines, Juicy Tango Fruit, Mandarin Oranges, Wild Thyme, Marjoram, and Greek Lavandin

Heart: North African Orange Tree Blossom, Indian Murraya, Ginger Roots from China, Nigerian Ginger Absolute, and Purple Ginger

Dry down: Georgia Wood, Belambre, Kephalis, and Serenolide

Sounds great! I can’t wait to try it out!


1 Response to "John Varvatos Artisan"

I did try Artisan last week at Nordstrom and I think it will be my next buy. I’m just waiting for the smaller size to come out since it takes me forever to go through a bottle of cologne even if it’s the small size. It reminded me very much of an old cologne called 4711 (fourty seven eleven) – almost identical to it at first. The citrus, flowery opening is so strong that it makes you think it should have been made into those “refreshing napkins” they give you on airplanes. However, it somehow made me and my wife both smile. Then you leave it on for a few minutes and it takes a very original, cheery, innocent, refreshing, crisp-spring-morning-hiking-in-the-forest sensation. I want to smell like that all spring and summer long!

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