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Nautica Making Waves

Posted on: December 4, 2008


Nautica Oceans

Nautica Oceans

A traditional perfume consists of up to 40% perfume oil (typically 20%) and is usually diluted with an ethanol or ethanol and water solvent (see Concentrating On Concentration). Water-based fragrances are not common because they can only support 2-3%  perfume oil. However, a new fragrance coming out in March from Nautica is breaking tradition. Nautica Oceans is a water-based perfume developed using micro-emulsion technology. this new technology allows for up to 20% concentration of perfume oil to be built into water-based fragrances. Oceans has a 10% oil concentration as opposed to the usual 2-3% of most water-based fragrances.


Does that mean we’re going to start seeing water-based fragrances popping up everywhere now? Well not for a couple years at least. Coty, the perfume producer for Nautica (and other big names like David Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Calvin Klein) has a two year license on micro-emulsion technology, which allows Nautica to have exclusive rights to it. Coty says it is likely they will use the technology in other launches as well. 

Oceans is a fresh aquatic fougere; with top notes of ocean air and lemon tonic; heart notes of sea salt rose, lavender reef and geranium; and a dry-down of amber crystals, sun-drenched teak and regatta accords.


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