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Armani’s New Asian Collection

Posted on: November 19, 2008

Armani Onde

Armani Onde


Giorgio Armani has introduced a new set fragrances for women with a geographical inspiration: the Middle East, India, and Japan. The Asian trio consists of Onde Mystère, Onde Vertige, and Onde Extase (respectively). “With Onde the idea is to play on sensuality and refinement,” says Jean-Pierre Charriton, general manager of Giorgio Armani Parfums. 

Onde Mystère is a musky fragrance influenced by the Middle East, with notes of incense, amber, benzoin, Moroccan rose buds and vanilla absolute.

Onde Vertige is a floral oriental fragrance influenced by India, with notes of frangipani flower, black liquorice, patchouli, pittosporum and jasmine petals.

Onde Extase is a woody oriental fragrance influenced by Japan, with notes cedar, mimosa, Egyptian jasmine, marcissus absolute, pink pepper, Sicilian bergamot, musk and aesame absolute.

Each fragrance comes in it’s own unique bottle design also inspired by its place of inspiration. The collection is intended for a limited distribution, much like Armani Privé, but not quite as exclusive. They should begin to appear in the U.S. early next year.

In my opinion, Onde is an excellent concept. The fragrances compliment each other, sticking within the theme of the same continent, while able to stand on their own as well. 2009 seems to be the year of collections (ie. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely Collection), but with a more exclusivity as Armani is planning, they may stand apart and appear as more of an artistic endeavor rather than a gimmick. The notes sound interesting and I can’t wait to smell them.


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