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Story Time With Chandler Burr

Posted on: October 31, 2008

My favorite perfume critic is at it again. In his recent review of Brooks Brothers For Gentlmen, Chandler Burr’s creative writing has execrated into a story of, well yuppies I guess. Now those who don’t know Burr, he is the perfume critic for the New York Times’ style magazine, T. He is an eloquent writer who could be blind folded and spun around, and always manage to hit the piñata! See, he’s even influencing me now! The review addresses that this release for Brooks Brothers is unique, in that it’s a fragrance with male and female versions, and the masculine is the better one. Many fragrance pairs usually result in a better female version. Burr refers to that of Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, Rive Gauche, and  Carolina Herrera. Burr criticizes Brooks Brothers New York for Ladies by describing the uptight, young woman that would dare to wear it, Muffy from Newport, Rhose Island! She apparently is too conservative to wear anything more daring! It’s very amusing actually, and is great for a laugh! The male counterpart, Biff, is consistent, but much less offensive.

So for a good time and a well written perfume review, check out Chandler Burr’s review of Brooks Brothers New York (for Gentlemen and for Ladies) on T magazine’s blog The Moment.



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