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Madonna’s Favorite Perfume

Posted on: October 13, 2008

Photograph by David Shankbone

Photograph by David Shankbone

What fragrance does Madonna wear? Well according to an article on one of her favs is Classic Pink from Nanadebary. With bergamot and ginger top-notes; jasmine, iris and sandalwood middle notes; and vanilla and musk base-notes. According to Nanadebary’s website ( it can be described in many ways: star, confidence, pure, disco, dedicated, glamorous, now, affair, bohemian, travel, everywhere, handbag, seductive, date, electric, spirit, harmony.

The Nanadebary story is an interesting one. Nana De Bary is a woman that had a shop in Vienna. She had developed quite the repertoire simply by word of mouth. However, it almost all came to a fatal stop in 2004 when when she was on the beach in Thailand in 2004. Yes that was the year of the Tsunami, and she barely survived. The traumatizing event caused her to close the door of her shop indefinitely and pursue photography. Her art was based on water, and I’m sure it was therapeutic for her. She decided to continue selling her fragrance, increasing the concentration from eau de toilette to eau de parfum as another reaction to the life altering event. She says on her website, “That decision symbolizes something for me: the fragrances still have the vulnerability and delicacy I loved in them before… but now they are made to be deeper and hold on longer.

Nana De Bary says she will probably never open her shop again. She does plan on creating more fragrances. “It is something I love doing: they communicate feelings and create connections around the world… another common language for all of us.”

Have you tried Nanadebary’s fragrances? Tell us what you think.


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