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An All New Obsession

Posted on: September 11, 2008


Image from K.oa on

Image from K.oa on

One new perfume hitting the market this month is actually a redesigned version of an old one. Our old friend from Calvin Klein, Obsession, hits the shelves again as Secret Obsession. Though is boasts an all new scent, its mischievous intention is still the same. The original was made to capture the “essence of the 1980s obsession with carnal and material gratification.” And it did just that well into the 1990s! However, the 2000s call for a revision of what sexy means today. Enter Secret Obsession:

From the Secret Obsession website…

sultry • addictive • exotic

“Secret Obsession is an intoxicating floral oriental fragrance weaving together forbidden fruits, exotic flowers and a sultry wood signature for a provocative and addictive sexiness.”

Top (Notes): Forbidden Fruits – exotic plum, mace, rose de damas

Heart (Middle Notes): Exotic Flowers – egyptian jasmine, french orange flower, tuberose

Background (Bottom/Base Notes): Mysterious Woods – cashmere wood, burnt amber, australian sandalwood


Sounds nice, and I’m sure there will be a men’s version on the way. It will be interesting to see the notes in that!

There’s also the media hype, that must be talked about with this fragrance release! Eva Mendes is the super-spokesmodel for Secret Obsession. Calvin Klein, being Calvin Klein, made a very risqué ad campaign, including a TV spot that they had to have known was going to be rejected by ALL of television. One of the YouTube links I followed was even deleted for obscenity! In the ad, Eva is rolling around nude in bed. Enough said! It certainly got the fragrance talked about!

Do you think the tv ad was intentionally “too hot for TV”?

What do you think of perfume “makeovers”?


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