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Smells Like Beckham

Posted on: August 4, 2008


The Beckhams, David and Victoria (dvb), not only are one of the most famous couples in the world but are also the only couple to have their own “his and hers” fragrances, Intimately Beckham for Him & Her. So I thought I would do a little web surfing about the dynamic duo. What I found was not quite what I had expected at all. First of all, have you seen David Beckham’s official website? It is probably the most boring thing I have ever seen, unless I were into soccer. There’s eight categories, and I know this because they’ve been so nicely numbered for me! Perhaps this is a sport thing? Anyway, there’s news, football/soccer, lifestyle, blog, tv, etc. However, it all comes back to football/soccer within a couple sentences. Fascinating!

Victoria is quite the riot! I didn’t even realize she has her own reality show called “Victoria Beckham: Coming To America.” So I checked it out on YouTube, and it was pretty funny, in a reality show kind of way (I was laughing on the inside… sort of). The clip I saw showed her reading what Perez Hilton wrote about her the day she arrived in Los Angeles, that she was an alien robot with giant breasts! So she went to his office/coffee shop, paparazzi, camera crew, hairdresser and all! They had a little talk. She didn’t seem as glamorous as I’d expected.

Everyone seems to agree that the Beckhams have impeccable taste. Do they have a good sense of smell though? Let me know what you think of Intimately Beckham for Him & Her, or David Beckham’s first fragrance, Instinct.


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